Required Coursework for AT Program

Kinesiology Core (14 credit hours)


KINE 10101 Introduction to Kinesiology
KINE 10603 Anatomical Kinesiology
KINE 20503 Motor Behavior
KINE 30623 Biomechanics
KINE 30634 Exercise Physiology


Major Courses (38 credit hours)


KINE 10102 Foundations in Athletic Training
KINE 10202 Perspectives in Athletic Training
KINE 20102 Clinical Education I
KINE 20202 Clinical Education II
KINE 20303 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
KINE 30102 Clinical Education III
KINE 30202 Clinical Education IV
KINE 30303 Orthopedic Assessment I
KINE 30313 Orthopedic Assessment II
KINE 30603 General Pathology and Applied Pharmacology
KINE 40102 Clinical Education V
KINE 40202 Clinical Education VI
KINE 40301 Senior Seminar
KINE 40303 Organization and Administration in Athletic Training
KINE 40523 Therapeutic Modalities (Writing Emphasis)
KINE 40533 Therapeutic Exercise (Writing Emphasis)


Emphasis Courses (12 credit hours)

HLTH 20203 Health and Wellness Concepts
HLTH 30233 Sport and Exercise Pharmacology
KINE 30713 Psychology of Sport
KINE 30833 Physical Activity and Disability

Associated Requirements (14 credit hours)

BIOL 20204 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 20214 Anatomy and Physiology II
MATH 10043 Introduction to Statistics

NTDT 20403 Nutrition




Students interested in a career as a High School Athletic Trainer should complete a teacher certification program. Please contact the Program Director for a suggested sequence of coursework to complete a double major in Athletic Training and Physical Education.


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