Scholarships - Gatorade Scholarships

PepsiCo, the current corporate owner of the Gatorade Corporation, currently funds additional scholarship opportunities referred to as the Gatorade Academic Award for Athletic Training Students within the educational program here at TCU.  This financial scholarship is based on cumulative and semester grade point averages for each semester.


The Gatorade Academic award will be awarded based on the following criteria:


                $2,500 is awarded to the Athletic Training Student with the highest cumulative GPA

                $1,500 is award to the Athletic Training Student with the highest semester GPA


*It should be noted that these awards will not be awarded to the same person for each semester.  The individual with the next highest GPA will be award in case of a conflict.


The Gatorade Academic Award is not typically awarded to the same person for more than one semester (for highest semester GPA), but student are eligible for subsequent semester following their original award.  Recipients of the Gatorade Academic Award must be at least a sophomore within the Athletic Training Program and be in good standing with the rules and regulations of the Athletic Training Educational Program.